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There Are Only Two Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

There are only two reasons that your business needs a website.

  1. To increase revenue.
  2. To reduce costs.

That’s it. After all, no matter what your mission statement says (if you have one), you know that in order to stay in business you have to make money. Frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrong with having a website that doesn’t help you to do that.

I run into small businesses all the time who have a website that was built a decade ago and hasn’t been updated in years. If you ask them if they have a website they will tell you, “Yeah, we got one of those.” I usually go on to ask them if they have a great website that they’re proud of and that drives customers to their business or makes it easier for them to do business. “Uh… no” is the usual response.

The problem here is usually that whoever built the website for them never helped them understand its potential value to their business. A well designed and regularly updated website can help your small business find new customers and earn repeat business from existing ones. Could your business use a little more revenue? Of course.

What about businesses that are customer service intensive? Do you find yourself answering the same question over the phone a dozen times a day? If each of those conversations takes five minutes, that’s an entire hour per day that you’re losing. What if you had an effective website that included an FAQ’s page? You probably already know what the questions are because you hear them all the time. Why not incorporate them into your website? When the phone rings, you can simply direct the caller to visit that page on your site. Before long you’ll find that your customers will learn to check the website first. They’ll appreciate the convenience and you’ll actually get some work done!

If your website isn’t helping your business increase revenue or decrease costs, you need a new one. Contact us to find out how Wittmania can create an affordable, effective website for your small business.



I had a person call this week who was the victim in a serious car accident. After we met and took care of his immediate needs, I asked him how he identified us to help him with his case. He replied, "I did an internet search and you were the first firm to come up. Once I reviewed your website, I could tell you were the firm that had the experience that I needed."

Many thanks to Wittmania Marketing for providing us with an excellent website and promoting us to a high profile on the internet.

Gary Young
Keating O'Gara law Firm