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Them, not you.

Most people get marketing completely backwards. They think that if they talk enough about their company, their product or service, or even their prices, consumers will be drawn to make a buying decision. This, my friend, is nonsense.

Jay Conrad Levinson writes in Guerrilla Marketing, “Marketing isn’t about you. It’s about them.” To put it bluntly, nobody cares about your business. You have to connect with people on a what’s-in-it-for-me level. This all fits into the Wittmania strategy of telling a story that connects with people on an emotional level. If people believe that your business can change their life, just as it has for other people, they will beg you to sell them your product or service. Put your customers first and the sales will follow.



I had a person call this week who was the victim in a serious car accident. After we met and took care of his immediate needs, I asked him how he identified us to help him with his case. He replied, "I did an internet search and you were the first firm to come up. Once I reviewed your website, I could tell you were the firm that had the experience that I needed."

Many thanks to Wittmania Marketing for providing us with an excellent website and promoting us to a high profile on the internet.

Gary Young
Keating O'Gara law Firm