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Shake Well & Buy Often

As my wife was pouring a bowl of granola and soy milk this morning, I noticed the message on the top of the milk carton. “SHAKE WELL & BUY OFTEN”. What a great marketing move, I thought to myself.

It would have been easy enough for them to just advise their customer to “shake well”. This simple step would have been enough to improve the user’s experience with their product, making them more likely to purchase it again. Always a good idea.

But somewhere in some cubicle in Colorado, an “associate” in Packaging took it a step further. “Buy often.” In those two little words, the message is clear. “Don’t forget to buy our product again the next time you visit the grocery store.” Will it work 100% of the time? Probably not, but so what? How much more does it cost to add those two words and an ampersand? Not much, if anything.

There are two important lessons here that no business owner or marketing professional should miss.

First, don’t be afraid to give your customers advice on how to best enjoy your product or service. Don’t assume that they’re experts or long-time users. Giving them tips like this can greatly improve the value your product or service provides to them, making them much more likely to purchase it again in the future.

Second, never miss an opportunity to market your business or product. Always remember that people respond to directives. I know it sounds obvious, but telling people to buy your product increases the likelihood that they will. When you are communicating with potential and existing customers, don’t be afraid to tell them what you want them to do. Tell them to visit your website. Tell them to call your office. Tell them to “buy often”.

So, let’s wrap up with some practical applications. What about your business cards? Are they just a piece of paper with contact info on them, or do they carry an effective marketing message? Is the back blank? Why not put your website address on there. How about your email signature? Again, put in a link to your website and tell people to check it out for the latest x, y, and z. What about the website itself? Is it chock full of boring information, or does it give visitors a consistent, compelling call to action resulting in additional business and increased revenue?

You’re always marketing. The only question is whether or not you’re marketing effectively. If you need help making your marketing more effective, give us a call at 402-570-6482 or send us an email to find out how Wittmania Marketing can help you add new customers and increase repeat business from existing ones.



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