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Wittmania Marketing provides creative marketing solutions that will grow your business.

Wittmania will give your business the tools you need to connect with your customers in a powerful way. Whether online or in print, Wittmania will give you the marketing edge you need.

Web Design

Web Design

You will appreciate Wittmania’s fresh approach to small business websites. When you invest in a Wittmania website you will enjoy the benefits of having a great website that you can be proud of as it sends new business to your door.

One of the cornerstones of an effective website is up-to-date content. Your new Wittmania site will be powered by an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to update your site instantly, right from your favorite Internet browser. Upload images, add testimonials, and edit page content in just a couple of minutes. Nothing to download, nothing to buy, no steep learning curve. If you can send an email, you can keep your Wittmania website up to date.

Many of our clients are amazed by our affordable prices. We know that marketing is an investment, and we make our services very cost effective. Throughout our years of experience working with small businesses like yours, we have prided ourselves on being able to find flexible pricing structures that will fit almost any budget.

Print Production

There’s nothing like the impression made by a high-quality business card. As it leaves your hand, your potential customer admires your card, flips it over to admire the full-color design on the back, and then wonders just how much you spent on such an exquisite card (Whatever you do, don’t tell them that you only paid 3 cents for it!). A card like that will end up in their wallet or purse rather than a trash can, frequently bringing your business to mind for months or even years.

When combined with a great website, a well designed business card can increase customer loyalty, word of mouth referrals, and repeat business. Most people only use their business cards for contact information. Don’t waste another opportunity to reinforce your brand and make a lasting impression.

Wittmania Marketing can also produce postcards, door hangers, flyers, posters, and many other high-quality, full color printed pieces–all at black and white prices.

Logo Design

Logo Design

A strong brand identity is at the core of every successful marketing strategy. A creative, vibrant logo serves as the hub of an effective identity development effort, while a weak or misdirected logo (think clip-art) can seriously damage your business image. When Wittmania designs your new business logo, we will consider color interaction, visual symbolism, emotional appeal, and logo utility. The result will be a striking, well thought out logo that communicates a powerful, positive message about your company.

All of our logos include full color, grayscale, and two-color versions that are scalable to any size. Unlike other graphic designers, Wittmania releases ownership rights for the logo to you upon completion, meaning that it’s yours to use however you want without additional usage fees. We’re always happy to help you incorporate your new logo into web and print designs, either from scratch or as an upgrade to existing pieces.


I had a person call this week who was the victim in a serious car accident. After we met and took care of his immediate needs, I asked him how he identified us to help him with his case. He replied, "I did an internet search and you were the first firm to come up. Once I reviewed your website, I could tell you were the firm that had the experience that I needed."

Many thanks to Wittmania Marketing for providing us with an excellent website and promoting us to a high profile on the internet.

Gary Young
Keating O'Gara law Firm