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Husker Swatches

Husker-SwatchesI just finished a little Huskers-related Christmas gift project in which I used the *official* Huskers color palette (pg. 21). I exported the swatches from Illustrator and decided to upload them to the blog in case anyone else might be able to use them.

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I had a person call this week who was the victim in a serious car accident. After we met and took care of his immediate needs, I asked him how he identified us to help him with his case. He replied, "I did an internet search and you were the first firm to come up. Once I reviewed your website, I could tell you were the firm that had the experience that I needed."

Many thanks to Wittmania Marketing for providing us with an excellent website and promoting us to a high profile on the internet.

Gary Young
Keating O'Gara law Firm